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Flames of War Events


2015 UK Events Confirmed


January 11th Breakthrough Assault Bournemouth One day Event Early War 1550 Points Contact:


January 25th Normandy campaign - Brighton one day, Late War 1750 Points


February 7th & 8th 'Corrivalry' late War 1800 points


February 21st, Operation Blockbuster, Late War 1750 Dunfermline Scotland Contact:


February 28th & March 1st 'Breakthrough Assault' Late War 1650 points Contact:


March 7th & 8th 'Sturm' Early War 1550 points Contact:


April 3rd - 6th 'Trinity' EW, MW, LW, 1500 points Contact:


April 11th & 12th BHGS 'Roll Call' Early War 1550 points


April 18th & 19th 'Art of War' Early War. 1550 points Contact: Steve Charlton at or


April 25th Bournemouth One day event Late War Contact:


May 9th & 10th 'Campaign' Milton Keynes Team Comp EW 1500/MW 1650/LW 1750 Contact:


May 16th Solent Wargamers Armageddon 45, Late War 1750 point one day event


May 30th & 31st 'Games Expo'Contact:


June 6th & 7th 'Sturm' Mid War Contact:


June 20th & 21st BHGS 'The Challenge' Mid War 1750 points


June 27th & 28th Welsh Open Championship Late War 1675 Points


July 18th & 19th 'Attack' Devizes Mid War 1750 points Contact:


August 1st & 2nd 'Adolf Don't Surf' Early War


August 7th, 8th & 9th 'ETC' Prague, Early War 1550 points European Team Event


August 7th,8th,9th 'BHGS Britcon' Manchester


September 12th & 13th 'Eastern Front' Bournemouth 1650 point Mid War Comp (Sold Out) Contact:


Derby 3rd & 4th October Flames of War comp only proceeding if organiser found Contact:


November 7th & 8th 'Sturm' Late War Contact:


November 14th & 15th 'Warfare' Reading Mid War & Late War Contact:


December 5th & 6th 'Conflict' Mid War Details TBC


December 12th & 13th 'Pickn mix' MW & LW 1500 points Contact:


UK Flames of war events. For updates contact: Or go to: